The Oldest Language in the World

Find Out Which is the Oldest Language in the World

Oldest Language in the World: Languages have always been the very foundation of humanity. The cornerstone of society and the power that paved the way for civilization.

Without this society, they could not have developed in the way they developed – this is evidence of the enormous need of the human race for perseverance and progress.

And languages, of course, are a moving force – they always develop, they are formed in the form of time and influence. Even today they disappear & reappear in new and different forms. But what is the oldest language still in use today?

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The answer to this question is not an easy task, and, in the end, it is just speculation. Why? Unfortunately, the only way to judge the age of a language is to use it in writing the earliest. In all likelihood, the oldest written languages were used much longer than they were recorded, and for how long we will never know for sure.

But even in this case, we can present to you the 6 oldest languages that are still used daily in remote corners of the world. Let’s explore the wonderful world of linguistics.

Tamil Language

Tamil Oldest Language in the World

Date: 500 BC Native:  India, Sri Lanka & Singapore
Language Family: Dravidian Number of Speakers: 75 million

Tamil is part of the Dravidian languages, and it is spoken by Tamils, who are native to the southernmost part of the Indian subcontinent. It is also one of the oldest extant classical languages ​​used today. In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, it is an official language adding a wealth of dialects and languages ​​used in India.

Tamil has no “genetic” connection with the dominant Indian Hindi language, which is Indo-European, and also cannot be understood by the Hindi people. It has about 75 million native speakers worldwide. It has a long tradition that has survived to the present day, and its earliest writing dates back to 300 BC, making it more than 2000 years old.

Latin Language

Latin Oldest Language in the World

Date: 700 BC Native: Roman Empire, Southern Europe
Language Family: Indo-European Number of Speakers: Unknown

You might think that Latin is a dead language, but that is not entirely true. Traditionally, people considered Latin to be the language on paper, but not the traditionally spoken language. Pope Benedict XVI changed this when he resigned from his post, in Latin, in 2013.

The oldest form of Latin is known as old Latin, but by about 75 BC classical Latin, with which we are most familiar today, has become a common language in the area. It is not known how many people speak Latin today, but there are many Latin American enthusiasts who support the language.

Old Chinese Language

Old Chinese Oldest Language in the World

Date: 1250 BC Native: China
Language Family: Sino-Tibetan Number of Speakers: none

As expected, old Chinese is the forerunner of modern Chinese. This dates back to over 3,000 years ago. The oldest known example of ancient Chinese was found in archaeological sites of the ancient city of Yin Xiu. Here, researchers discovered oracle bones with the earliest form of Chinese.

Researchers estimate that there were about 4,000 different characters in the ancient Chinese language. Only half of them were translated with meaning, and experts know little about the grammar of the ancient Chinese language. Around 600 AD Old Chinese has turned into Middle Chinese.

Mycenaean Greek Language

Mycenaean Greek Oldest Language in the World

Date: 1600 BC Native:  Southern Balkans & Greece
Language Family: Indo-European Number of Speakers: none

Mycenaean Greek is the earliest form of Greek and dates from the 16th century BC. There are several existing examples of Mycenaean Greek, and this language has been deciphered since the 1950s. The text that was found mainly consists of inventory records and lists. There no known literature written in Mycenaean Greek, It is believed that the use of this language ceased when the Mycenaean civilization fell, but the Greek language of the Arcadocytes, another form of Greek, is very similar to the Mycenaean version.

Egyptian Language

Egyptian Language Oldest Language in the World

Date: 3300 BC Native:  Ancient Egypt
Language Family: Afro Asiatic Number of Speakers: none

The ancient Egyptian language is quite common for everyone thanks to the use of hieroglyphs. For many years, linguistic teams translated this language, which means that we can very well understand many of the texts found.

The first known sentence, written in the Egyptian language, was found in a tomb and dates from 2690 BC. This language was spoken until about the 17th century, although writing has changed over time.

Sumerian Language

Sumerian Language Oldest Language in the World

Date: 3500 BC Native: Sumer
Language Family: Language Isolate Number of Speakers: None

Oldest Language in the World: The oldest known written language is Sumerian, it dates from at least 3500 BC. The earliest evidence for the written Sumerian language was the Kish tablet found in Iraq.

Sumerian is older than Egyptian, but it has survived as a spoken language until about 2000 BC when it was replaced by another language called Akkadian. Sumerian was unknown to the world until the 19th century when archaeologists began to find evidence of this language.

History of the Oldest Languages in the World

A huge bulk of the population of India considers themselves Hindu in addition to millions of different people around the world, All around the world people attempt to preserve their traditions. To say religion has to be erased in the quest for peace is very similar to saying diversity in all ideologies has to be erased.

Speaking about the oldest languages on the planet can’t be complete without the Chinese Language.

Basics of the Oldest Language in the World

The country is extremely well-known for its heritage railway lines. While never commonly held, the notion that the world is a digital reality has a lengthy pedigree. Yes, it should be vegan. In the world today, around 78 million people on the planet speak Tamil. Knowing the ability of holy language may change your life. The absolute most exciting things occur in the mind.

Our religions could possibly be different but we are from the exact same nation. As stated above, nearly every religion on earth has its own, unique creation myth. Well, it’s a patriarchal religion. Ancient Chinese religions concentrate on the concept of there being a pure purchase. The belief is they have been living there for over 55,000 decades.

There’s no conclusive evidence to demonstrate the origin of the language, however, it’s been influenced and has, subsequently, influenced other Romance languages with time. The effect of Spanish and distinct languages is strong. A historical perspective on religion is crucial to any meaningful debate on the topic.

The idea of structured language was created around 10,000 years back via scriptures, The development of the first-ever language is still an extremely debatable topic. Since the growth of language proved to be a slow and organic procedure, it’s borderline impossible to really pick out when precisely when language first started.

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